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Set your budget, target your visitors, control your rates are just few of your high quality advantages of becoming a Above Audience Advertiser. We will do our best to serve our advertisers as good as possible. However, in case a campaign does not work out for you as expected, you can request a refund of the unspent amount of money in your account.

Our contextual marketing solutions lead the industry on viewability and connect people with relevant brand experiences. From a full-scale self-serve platform to your personal team of media buyers — select your own way of reaching your audiences and driving performance

Powerful Yet Super Easy to Use

Global Network

Reach millions of potential customers across thousands of browsing points, worldwide.


Complete and accurate traffic segmentation and identification so you can make the right decisions.


Get exactly the traffic you want – when you want. Geo, device, OS, browser, ISP, carrier, subid, time-of-day, channel, contextual and more.


Ad tagging, URL macros and parameters, postback integration and targeting-layer reporting. Everything you need to make proper decisions.


Set your Return Of Investment goals for your campaigns, integrate our postbacks and watch the magic happen – automatically.

Real Time Bidding

Real-time bidding ecosystem allows you to bid in real-time and access billions of daily impressions from tens of thousands segmented sources.

Ad Formats - Desktop & Mobile

Above Audience offers the best ad formats for digital ads that deliver high engagement and reliable ROI to our advertisers and publishers. Our clients can choose between native ads, push notifications, pop-under, interstitial and banner ads. Test them out and find the best performing ad format for your target audience. Take your online advertising to the next level with us!

Native Ads

Video Ads


Video Ads

Elevate your business with hyper-targeted and high-ROI ad campaign today.