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As a leading online advertising network, we’re dedicated to growing your bottom line. Our diversified product mix of minimally invasive ad displays help our publishers monetize while allowing for a positive user experience.

Interstitial ads overlay a user’s visited website. Deliver your message with highly targeted banner advertisements. Our in-house design team can create rich, customizable ads. Great for Branding and Direct response campaigns.

In-Content video slider unit is an innovative format which positions video advertising within the heart of editorial content. Viewable by design, the format launches on the bottom right corner of the screen above the fold when in view on the screen and merging seamlessly back into the page once the view has been completed. This unit offers great viewability and completion rates.

  • Monetize all types of your traffic across different devices

  • Captivate audiences with engaging creatives and ad content

  • Enjoy steadily growing daily revenue, users’ loyalty and TOS

  • Enhance your editorial content with customizable native ads

  • Start gaining more with personal monetization team

Designed to Deliver, Made for You!

100% Coverage

We guarantee full coverage for desktop & mobile worldwide with real-time optimization models that deliver long-term and constant revenues.

Revenue Optimization

Programmatic and robust ad optimization technology, powered by AI and designed to maximize your revenues for both mobile and desktop.


We help tens of thousands of publishers to optimize their traffic via various implementation models, all available via our self-serve publisher control panel.


Easily monetize your traffic by sending it to our direct link with no hassle. Our smartlinks are CPC-based and support all geos and all devices.

Monetize Everything

Websites, toolbars, extensions, mobile apps, search and domains – we help to monetize everything with safe ads and high eCPMs.

Safe Ads

We take ad safety very seriously and all ads are scanned 24×7 by our compliance team, internal and 3rd party tools. We keep you safe!

Minimum Payment

Even if you have a small website that generates revenue slowly, with us you get paid faster. We pay by PayPal, Bitcoin, wire and check.

Ad Formats

Display banners, pop unders, sliders, smartlinks and programmatic – our ad formats are designed to fit any kind of traffic.

Meet your monetization goals with Above Audience

Publishers from any country and size can easily monetize any content on any device. No matter if you’re a small, medium or large publisher, website owner, ad network or RTB partner, you can instantly boost your ad revenue with Above Audience. Receive the highest eCPM rates for your inventory whilst keeping your audience engaged!

Drop us a line, and we’ll provide you with everything you need for effective monetization.